How many books is too many?

I learned a word brought up by a contestant on Jeopardy quite a few months ago which I have never related with more: tsundoku. The translation of this word means buying more books than you could actual ever be able to read.

For whatever reason, I cannot take a trip to the book store without coming home with five new books… and possibly a candle. Something about being reading the titles of novels on the shelves is both comforting and exciting, and immersing myself in each book description captivates me. Of course, it’s hard to say no, and therefore, I have overflowing stacks of books divided between my living room and my bedroom. Some of hose books have been sitting on my bookshelf for YEARS now, so I’ve decided on a few goals to keep down the clutter, and enjoy books more!

  1. Set a “reading agenda”

Similar to high school English class, I think setting a “reading agenda” would be helpful, in order to plan out when you will read certain books that you own. If you have a schedule with each novel written down, it will be easier to keep track of and look forward to reading the novels that you currently own.

2. Donate or lend out books that you’ve read

I am always recommending books to others that I’ve enjoyed, but why not actually donate or lend them out after you have finished them? This will help you save space on your bookshelf, and let you focus on the books that you have yet to read. I also love passing by neighbourhoods with the “little free library” at the end of their driveways – lending out books is something that can benefit others, and give them joy as well!

3. Get a library card

I admittedly always forget about one of the greatest public resources there is – the library. Especially if your book budget is tight for the month, borrowing books can be a great option. It also simultaneously gives you a deadline to read a book by, which is great for the book accumulators like myself. That is, at least, if you don’t want to pay late fees!

4. Try a Kindle

While physical books are great, and I am still 100% a physical book person, there is always the option to migrate to a Kindle or ebook! I think this is a great option for those who want variety a their hands, without having to rely on shelf space. A Kindle can help keep your books organized, and give you a library in your pocket when you are on the go!

5. Set limits at the bookstore

This one can be tough… but sometimes setting a budget or number of books limit before going in can help! While sometimes there can be the impulse to buy ALL the stories you want to read in one trip, it’s always good to remember that you can always come back and make a purchase after you’ve read what you already own.

Now there are my five tips on how to keep down the book clutter. These will help you enjoy the books you have even more, by actually being able to read them! Happy Reading book lovers!

Lots of Love,


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